The 4:1 glider platoquette was built in VAZ Brno and only two prototypes were produced.

Untill today one preserved at the K°i×anov airport. Model is suitable for both the thermal and the slope flying. The model is made using GFK technology.








                                                             Span 4300 mm 

                                                           Length 1890 mm

                                                             Weight 7 kg

                                                     Profile HQ 2,5 / 12 mod.

                                                         Wing area 86.1 dm2

                                                     Center of gravity 98 mm.


Controlled functions: Ailerons, flaps, VOP-SOP, trailing hook, retractable chassis. The model requires 8x 12mm. 1x 10 slim, 2x

15 mm. 1x 20 mm. and according to the type of the chassis type.


The model's accessories are fasteners, brake shields, instruments, stickers, towing hook.