High-performance model constructed at VAAZ military academy Brno.

The original project was finished in 1966 and prototype´s maiden-flight in 1970.

Real full-sized glider can be seen at the Aviation museum Kbely. It is a GFK model ideal for both aero-towing and slope soaring.




                                                                                      Wingspan: 4355 mm.                                

                                                                                       Lenght:  2005 mm.

                                                                                            Weight 6,5 kg

                                                                            Aerofoil: HQ 2,5/12 modified

                                                                                   Wing area:  86,1dm2

                                                                                  V-tail: 14,9 dm2

                                                                                Wing loading:  75,5 g/dm2

                                                                                      Ballast:  4x 570 g

                                                                                            C.G: 93 mm



                                          Controls: ailerons, flaps, brake-shields, butterfly (rudder, elevator), towing-hook


              The set contains finished parts, cockpit´s equipment - dashboard, sprung wheel, brake-shields, towing-hook, connection accessories, ballast and stickers.

              To complete the model you need:

              8 x 12mm servo, torque 4 kg

              2 x 15mm servo, torque 4+ kg

              1 x standard servo, torque 7kg



                 Pictures VSB-60 ORLICE



           Video VSB-60 Orlice