Ocelot-electro is based on the well proven slope HLG Ocelot.The wing remains the same with  
   only a change of the bolt spacing and the fuselage had to be newly designed. In order to achieve 
   minimum weight requirements the V-tail is made as a solid part of the fuselage already in production,
   thus there is no glueing of the V-tail to the fuselage later on.



Wingspan                        1470mm
Lenght                                930mm
Wing area                      24,22dm2
V-tail area                        3,08dm2
Airfoil                          MH-30 mod.
Weight (incl. RC)         650 - 890g
Weight (empty)                     340g
Wingload         26,8 -  36,7 g/dm2




   Power setup:

   Motors - Roton 200W

   Speed Controllers -  JETI model  Spin 33

   Props -  Aeronaut CAMcarbon 9,5x5"

   Batteries - LiPol  RC System  1700mAh (20C)

   Weight (incl. RC)  to 660g  







  Standard color scheme:

                      white-red, white-blue, yellow-red, yellow-blue




                       1x motor bulkhead

                            3x micro fork Jeti

                            2x aileron lever

                            1x elevator pushrod ending

                            2x(4x) servo cover

                            1x Ocelot -E adhesive (sticker)



  Settings :

                    Ailerons       + 12mm

                                                  - 8mm       

                         Mix brake   + 12mm / V-tail   -2mm

                         V-tail              +/- 6mm

                         CG                 61mm from leading edge




   Necessary RC equipment:


         3x microservo (+ 2x in case of flaps)- recommended Graupner C2081,

         Hitec HS55,HS56 or similar in size

         Receiver JETI-model REX 7mini, or similar in size - 7 ch.

Power setup of your choice.


       The model can be supplied with flaps (can be used for crow brake). In this case it is necessary to

       equip  the model with extra 2 servos in the wing






        Ocelot Electric from Mr. Lenger Germany -  3,86 MB

        Ocelot Electric from USA -  9,54MB