The Slope HLG OCELOT is designed for 60" category racing. It is a smaller version of an F3F glider but the cost is approx. 4/5 of a regular slope glider. The construction of the model is fully designed for this type of flying, fully moulded with glass & carbon (in some parts). The wing comes with a carbon reinforced spar. The model can withstand the wildest maneuvres including a bungee launch. The MH-30 mod. airfoil was chosen for its great range of speeds and generally good characteristics. Alternatively the wing can be supplied with flaps which make the landings much easier. It can also be supplied with a ballast tube which takes lead or steel slugs for a maximum ballast of 300g for stronger winds. You can fly this plane from 2 m/s up to whatever you feel like.



Wingspan                     1470mm
Length                            930mm
Wing area                   24,22dm2
V tail area                     3,08dm2
Airfoil                      MH-30 mod.
Weight (incl. RC)               550g
Wingloading             22,7 g/dm2



  Stnadart color schemes:

  white-red, white-blue, yellow-red, yellow-blue, orange-red, orange-blue



  3x micro clevis MP Jet

  2x aileron control horn

  1x threaded coupler

  2x(4x) servo cover

  1x Ocelot sticker


  Throws setup:


  Ailerons                            +12mm
                                                -  8mm
  CROW mix (Butterfly)           +12mm       V Tail -2mm
  V tail                                     +/- 7mm
  CG                                        65mm +/- 2mm  from LE




  Necessary RC equipment:


  3x micro servos (+2 more in case of flaps)
  recommended Graupner C2081, Hitec HS55, HS56 or simillar in size
  JETI-REX 7 Rx, or similar in size 7ch receiver
  1x battery pack 4,8v - 4x Sanyo Twicel 700 mAh (Ni-Mh AAA)


  The model can also be supplied with flaps. In this case it is necessary to install 2 extra servos in the wing . In additon the     

Ocelot can be supplied with a ballast tube for a max. ballast of 300g for better wind penetration.

  The model is supplied ARF with a built in control pushrod for the V tail. To finish your Ocelot all you need to do is to install the servos, RC equipment and set up the CG.


We can also supply the necessary RC equipment (servos, battery pack, receiver) upon request.



     Finishing the model - download instructions here (.doc)



   Photo gallery:


     Setting up your RC equipment in the nose part of the fuselage

      Flying On Ranná in Louny






     Ocelot1.wmv - 3,02 MB


     Ocelot2.wmv - 2,98 MB


     Ocelot UK - 4,3MB (wmv) - Videos from Mike Young. Time on 1km 37,6s