LYNX-E is a fully moulded electric sailplane based on the successful model LYNX.

The fuselage was designed for electric power, the wings and elevator are identical.


       More dihedral was added to the LYNX-E. This gives the model better stability and makes

flying in thermals much easier.


  Power setup:

  Motors  -  Roton 300W motor from  HVP

  Speed Controllers  -  Jeti Model  Spin 44 ESC

  Props   -  Aeronaut CAMcarbon 11x6" prop

  Batteries  -  LiPol 3S batteries from Rc System 11,1V 3300mAh (20C- 48A)










Flight video:


   New video Lynx-E


   First flight -  NiMh 8cells Sanyo 1200mAh batteries, AUW 1380g

   Second flight - LiPol 3S. RC System 1700mAh batteries, AUW 1230g

   Flight on 13.8.2006  - 8 cells Sanyo 1200mAh batteries