The LYNX is a fully moulded GFK/CFK F3F (F3B) glider. It is designed for racing and does a fantastic job! It is a 2M version of an F3F glider and has all the features and go of the larger models. The wings come with a carbon reinforced spar. The RG 15 airfoil was chosen for it’s great range of speeds, glide and generally good characteristics. The model performs great in thermals due to it’s low wing loading and can be flown from 2 m/s up to whatever you feel like. It is designed for easy transport with a split wing joined with the fuse using a Graupner 12x2 steel (plotter) joiner. This method is sufficiently strong and flexible. The wings are ejected during a hard landing thus leaving the wing roots and fuselage undamaged. The horizontal stabilizer is also detachable and you can fit the model on the back seat or window of your car. The model is equipped with flaps (4 servos are necessary for the wings), ballast tube (up to 450g of ballast) and a tow hook (F3B winch). The model is a good performer with good flight characteristics and is suitable for pilots who have experience with aileron gliders




 Wingspan                             2040mm
  Length                                  1140mm
  Wing area                           32,50dm2
  Horiz. stab area                    4,15dm2
  Airfoil                                         RG 15
  Weight (empty airframe)           830g
  Weight (Incl. RC equip.)           1250g
  Wing loading                   34,10 g/dm2







  Standard color schemes:

                      White-red, white-blue, yellow-red, yellow-blue, white-yellow,





                            4x – servo covers

                            2x – aileron lever

                            5x – MP Jet clevis small

                            1x – MP Jet clevis micro

                            1x – pushrod ending

                            1x – tow hook

                            1x – LYNX sticker

                            1x – assembly instructions

                            ballast (10x steel barrel, + 8x wooden barrel)



  Throws set up:
           Ailerons                +12mm
                                           -  8mm
           Crow brake            +12mm (ailerons)   -70°(flaps)   Horiz. stab.   -3mm
           Elevátor                +/- 7mm

           Rudder               r/l  15mm
           CG                            66mm (+ 1mm) from LE




  Necessary RC equipment:


        - 2x servo for rudder and elevátor inside the fuse – recom. Hitec HS 81

          (MG recommended for elevator)

       - 4x servo for flaps and ailerons with MG in the wings

         (Hitec HS 125 recom. – wing servo; event. digital HS 5125

       - Standart receiver
       - 1x 4,8v receiver pack - 4x Sanyo Twicel 2100 mAh (Ni-Mh AA)



         The model is supplied completely finished. You just need to finish the aileron and flap linkages, fit in

      your RC equipment, adjut throws and balance the model.


         We can also supply the necessary RC equipment (servos, receiver, receiver pack…).



   Photo gallery:


      Standard color scheme

      Flying On Ranná in Louny






       winch start - 2,67MB (DivX)


       Lynx 1 - 4,01MB (wmv)  pilot Petr Diblík


       Lynx 2 - 4,44MB (wmv)  pilot Viktor Burkoň


       Lynx 3 - 4,82MB (wmv)  pilot Petr Diblík


       Lynx 4 - 4,05MB (wmv)  pilot Jaroslav Vojta


       Lynx 5 - 4,03MB (wmv)  pilot Jaroslav Vojta