VSB-62 Vega

High-performance model cell GFK


Span 4300 mm

 Length 1890 mm

 Weight 7 kg


ElFuno  a  ElFuno-E  

                   It is a universal model for flying in both thermal and slope conditions.





VSB-66 Orlice

High-performance model cell GFK


                               Wingspan: 4355 mm.                                
Length: 2005 mm.
Weight: 6,5 kg



OCELOT is a fully moulded HLG slope glider with a wingspan of 1470mm. For more information click here...







OCELOT-E is a fully moulded electric powered model glider. It is designed as a high performace HOTLINER. The fuselage is a completely new one piece design with a built on V tail. The wing design remains the same. For more information, click  here...




    LYNX je is a fully moulded 2040mm span F3F glider. For more information click here...


     LYNX-E is a fully moulded 2060mm span electric sailplane. For more information click here...