It is a universal model for flying in both thermal and slope conditions. During the production the CFK technology was used to ensure best possible strength characteristics.

Model will handle quite heavy flying. It is produced with either v-tail or cross type elevator/rudder.

Few pictures of the model



Wingspan   2600mm

Length        1320mm

Wing area   42,85 dm2

V-tail area      6,1 dm2

Weight of empty model                   1100 gr

Recommended motor weight   250 gr.


Equipment needed:

V-tail version:      6x servo 10 mm

Cross version:     4x servo 10mm,1x 8mm,1x 12mm.


The model kit contains finished parts: fuselage, wings, coupling (wings joiner), elevator/rudder (or V-tail), cabin, servo covers, ballast, rod and connection accessories.




Flap angles:

Wings +11  -8 mm.

Tail  +10  -9 mm.

CG   75 mm